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Testimonials on Explore the Quran Campaign

Hospital -

"The Pastoral Care Department exists to serve the spiritual needs of our patients and their families...We shall hold the gift of the Quran as a sacred text in our collection of resource materials with veneration and dignity..."


An Elected State Official -

"Thank you very much for the copy of The Message of the Quran. It is a beautiful book that will help me and my staff garner a greater understanding of Islam. The Council on American Islamic Relations has come up with an excellent idea to broaden understanding and acceptance. Too many people fear Islam, equating it with terrorism. Your gift provides the opportunity to read first hand what the religion represents...When reading it, I will remember your generosity and the spirit of understanding in which it was offered."


A University President -

"...Let me take this opportunity to extend my sincere thanks to you for your generosity. I particularly admire the spirit of CAIR, in which you have offered this gift. I believe that promoting understanding through scholarship and dialogue is clearly a pathway to cultural acceptance and peace."


Chief of Police  -

"...The Quran will be made part of our Police Academy Reference Library. I understand the significance of this holy book and making it available to our officers can only help foster a better relationship in our community through an enhanced understanding of Islam. Please know that we will put the book to good use..."


A Superintendent of Schools  -

"...I appreciate your thinking of me and sharing this information. I have great respect for all who believe in taking the time to educate others about their life and culture. I have always believed that if we are educated about each other, we will find more similarities than differences. I will honor this gift by reading and learning..."


A Christian Minister  -

If our world is to be a place of hope and a haven of peace, it must begin with each of us to become willing to listen and learn about the sacred that is carried in the heart of another believer...You [the sponsor] have done a good deed in becoming a sponsor of this gift of the Quran. Hopefully, it will be one small step for me and a larger step for humanity as we weave together our love of God."


J. A. State College, PA -

This is to thank you for the Holy Quran you recently sent to me. On my word, I will afford no less than the care suggested on the enclosed letter. As a Friend in a Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship, my religious and spiritual quest is free and open; thus, there is inherent respect for, and openness to, Islam and its teachings. Indeed, our fellowship has only this month begun a study group on the Quran with the gracious help of the local Islamic community. I feel that such actions are the least I can do to further inter-faith understanding in a deeplydivided nation.


C. C. WZTK Burlington, NC -

Thank you so much! I’m an AM Talk Show Host. Thank you so much for the offer of the Holy Book of Islam. With the obvious hate and ignorance Americans are so quick to display, I’m honored to be
offered this opportunity.


A Maryland public official -

“I have long wanted a copy of the Quran for my personal library and very much appreciate this version…The cover letter with the Quran describes the Share the Quran project through which your gift was sent. That program – and your participation in it – are representative of an extraordinary effort to enhance public understanding of Islam. You both are true ambassadors of your faith.”


G. D., Santa Barbara, CA -

Just received my complementary copy of the Quran, and it is beautiful. I expected a small paperback, but this is a book to keep for a long time. Thank you for making this possible.


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