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Muhammad Asad's Translation

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mainNo translation of the Holy Quran can truly reproduce the majesty of the Arabic original. There will always remain among readers a legitimate debate as to which translation comes closer to the meaning of Allah’s Words.

At the onset of this campaign, CAIR had partnered with Amana Publications to distribute the Yusuf Ali translation. This decision was based on availability of large quantities at a reasonable cost. Nearly two thousand copies of this translation were distributed.

A generous donor later came forward and made an offer to sponsor the distribution of the Muhammad Asad translation produced by the Book Foundation. This magnificent production by the Book Foundation contains the Arabic text, the English translation, the English transliteration and footnotes.


Muhammad Asad, a European convert to Islam, had profound knowledge of the Judeo-Christian tradition. His translation uses expressions that a Western reader will find very familiar. Judging by the reactions of recipients, the choice of the Muhammad Asad translation was a wise one.

Nearly five thousand copies of the Muhammad Asad translation are being distributed through the CAIR chapters to elected officials, media professionals and interfaith leaders. This distribution plan is also consistent with CAIR’s mission of building relationships with those people in our society who are in positions of influence.

CAIR will also distribute 550 copies of the special six-volume production of the Muhammad Asad translation to influential figures–such as members of the U.S. Congress and their staff.


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